Optional Higher compression engines! Fuel injection Roller camshafts Supercharged Forged pistons. Your order will be produced and shipped within 2 to 4 weeks.

Production times may vary. The warranty set forth in this agreement is the sole and exclusive warranty given to Customer and does not extend to anyone other then the purchaser.

There is no returns on custom parts. There is no warranty on nitrous, racing, pullers, supercharger or turbocharger equipped engines or parts. If you are worried about this please buy the hydraulic roller cam upgrade. We do not warranty leaks. BHP will then determine whether the part failed due to defective materials or workmanship.

There is no warranty on disassembled parts or engines. BHP shall not provide any refunds in such circumstances. It is the responsibility of the Customer to inspect the parts carefully before use. BHP does not warranty of any part for emissions or street use for any state. The parties agree that under no circumstances shall BHP be liable for any consequential damages of any nature and that any liability of BHP shall be limited to any amounts paid to BHP, subject to warranty restrictions in this Agreement.

As such, the services to be performed are not subject to Michigan laws regarding the service of motor vehicles.

This contract shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Michigan. The Customer acknowledges that he or she has read and understood the Contract above in its entirety and agrees to be bound by its terms. Search for:. Custom Engine Quote. Parts Agreement.This is a preprepared mod package specific to your car that will give you about 35 horsepower.

It comes with all of the basic bolt os that allow you to run a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost. Next would be an upgraded Cold air intake which will be a our ZZP cold air intake.

After it is initially installed the modular pulley system will only take a couple minutes to swap pulley in the future when you have the appropriate mods to run smaller pulleys. Since this kit comes with a smaller pulley, it will also come with a shorter supercharger belt as well. These cars come with the better Gen5 supercharger and are more prone to "Knock Retard" or "KR", so the kit will come with a larger 3.

Damaged, excessively dirty, or painted PCM core returns will be docked or not accepted. If you would like us to flash your core instead, then select "Sending in my core first" this will save you the core charge however you will have to send in your core for us to flash it and return it to you.

If you select that, we will not ship the order until we receive your PCM core. Which core charge do you select?

Buick V6 engine

See below for more information. PCMs are flashed on a per order basis and once shipped they are non-returnable. Warranty replacements are offered for 1 year on defective products.

How to begin mods to your car, click HERE. Had a couple of small issues with intake box install which sounds a little like a bad pulley as opposed to regular intake noisesbut overall very pleased. After installing everything, I had to go to work, and upon entering the main roadway near my house at the usual amount of throttle, I ended up doing a 40mph rolling burnout instead of accelerating.

After mourning my tires, I realized that the SC wine was spectacular though. I have a 03 GT as my everyday. But purchased a low miles one owner 98 GTP coupe as I always wanted one. While doing research for upgrades ZZP stood above in price and what I was looking for now and in the future. The stage II kit was an easy install right out of the box. Simply provided my VIN number and car started up with no issues. Tune is perfect.TA Performance, again has gone were no other Buick parts vendor has gone before The first ever aftermarket Buick cylinder block!

Designed specifically for the performance minded Turbo 6 enthusiast, this block offers the strength and options that previous blocks did not provide. The TA block incorporates superior rigidity and similar cubic inch potential to the Stage 2 iron blocks with out alienating the street and strip individual.

This block incorporates all the necessary features to be used as are placement block for a daily driver all the way to a HP full race application, and everywhere in between! Notes: Blocks have been main lined to be.

Zoom's 3800 Rebuild

The baffle in the oil pan will need to be modified due to the relocation of the dipstick tube hole in the block. Blocks come with 3. The TA Aluminum block was instrumental in these accomplishments. Innot only did the TA block survive an event, it survived all of them, after each race the car was able to be driven on to the trailer.

3800 stage 2

During the season there was never a reason to pull the TA aluminum blocked engine from the car! Available in OFF center or ON center versions Six bolt mains, 4 vertical, 2 horizontal front cap has 2 vertical, 2 horizontal Dual bell housing bolt pattern to fit Chevrolet and B. Email Friend.Any hip hopper worth his bling can tell you that Tony Montana said that once you get the power then you get the women. If it's truly that easy to snag a chica then Jonny should rely on GM Performance Parts instead of his customized pink and purple Air Max's.

Rather than suffer through the indignity of pastel-colored kicks, anyone who rolls a Saturn Ion Red Line '04 and up or Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged '05 and up can choose between two performance upgrade kits, called Stage One and Stage Two, that produce real power increases, are affordable, and can be installed by the average enthusiast uh, that would be you.

These kits are incredibly easy to install and make a dramatic difference in power output because the people that originally developed the LSJ 2. Even better, the team was able to achieve this power increase while maintaining full 50 state emissions status, meeting the formidable requirements for California Air Resources Board CARB Executive Order E.

Or if you prefer plain English-these parts are smog legal. While the LSJ Ecotec engine is rated at hp at 5,rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4,rpm, the Staged kits bump the power considerably. The Stage One kit raises the horsepower and torque output to hp at 6,rpm and lb-ft at 5,rpm. Even better, the Stage Two kit puts out hp at 6,rpm and lb-ft at 5,rpm. Those of you who did well in math know that's a 36 hp gain.

Now that's a spicy meatball! The Stage One and Two systems are upgradeable, meaning you can install a Stage One kit first and eventually step up to the Stage Two configuration with the Stage Two upgrade kit.

Easy installation, big power gains, state legal, and OE quality-it just doesn't get any better than this. Titan Motorsports will be changing it up a bit for the season by fielding two cars for the ADRL season. Read the latest news in the automotive industry in Modified Magazine's online news section.

Bryan Higgins is a true sport compact enthusiast with an impressive list of JDM rides to his name to prove it. Read all about Brittany Kindle and her Chevy Cobalt. Read full article on Super Street Magazine Online. Understanding rod ratio and rod-to-stroke angle and how they affect engine performance.

Everything you need to know about creating a show quality shaved and tucked engine compartment. SuperStreetOnline how to. By Gim Dandy. Japanese European Domestic. What Is Rod Ratio? Bob Hernandez — Apr 9, Rodrez — Apr 6, Aaron Bonk — Mar 31, Rodrez — Mar 26, Jofel Tolosa — Mar 20, Super Street Newsletter Sign Up.

Email: Required.I'm not sure if it's '93, '94, ' I know it's somewhere around then. I want to avoid the Series II's junk plastic intake that destroys the motor. Thanks, boogie. Yes, I was meaning the non-supercharged 3.

Are you sure Series II came out in '95? I've seen '94s that have the plastic engine cover on that says " series II". Introduced inthe Series II is quite a different engine. Although the stroke for the 3. The deck height is shorter than the Series I, reducing weight and total engine package size. This required that the piston connecting rods be shortened 1 in 25 mmand the crankshaft was also redesigned.

A new intake manifold improved breathing while a redesigned cylinder head featured larger valves and a higher compression ratio.

The weighs only 22 lb That creates moisture, as long because of the fact the oil is clean. You bypass female!!!!! Get your self a cardboard field regarding the dimensions of a shoe field, instruct field will artwork too, turn it up factor down. The rocker palms isnt so serious yet lots of the pushrods could be diverse.

Psgraph stata

Cant keep in mind while they replaced it to the have been all the comparable length, yours must be the comparable length additionally, get the torque spec for those rocker palms. GM does have themes with those getting stripped while tighten, tight them to specs on tthe torque to sidestep them from stripping.

Update: Thanks, boogie. Answer Save. Scribepalladin Lv 7. Favorite Answer. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter 03mach1 Start date Aug 3, What are the differences between the two? Stage I is basically a heavy duty version of the stock block and the stage II can be on or off center, 4 bolt mains, and has 14 head bolts instead of the factory 8. The Stage I is taller than a but there are 2 different Stage II blocks and they are different in deck height.

Stage 1 is based off the off center production blocks but thats where it stops. It has the bosses for the extra bolts. The main webbing and alloy is far superior to the production crap. Unfortunately extra fasteners on the caps are not practical since the oil suction passage is there. Still learning Are the production blocks that bad? Were both stage 1 and 2 over-the-counter blocks? When would it be logical to go to a stage 1 or 2? I understand where you're coming from Bison.

What amazes me is how much power some folks are making on a stock block, makes me wonder where the breaking point really lies, if they're really inferior.

Canvera price list

Are there any good articles on these two engines? I did a search and didn't see much other than stuff for the old Buick GS engines.

Off the subject but I have an SG1 block laying around the garage and everyone thinks the thing is a stage block I guess the fact that it has billet mains on it now could be confusing, I wish it was a Stage I am about 2 years away from building my motor so I figure I have a good amount of time to get this right. I was planning on a stroked But not set in stone yet. What's the difference in building a stroked with forged everything and alum heads Vs a mid 10 stAge motor?

If you've got the time to decide get the TA block and you shouldn't have any problems.

3800 stage 2

Overall the TA block is the best option and will cost about the same as a Stage II, plus it's aluminum so it's lighter.This is a preprepared mod package specific to your car that will give you about 25 horsepower. All of the basic bolt on mods to run a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost. The modular pulley system will only take a couple minutes to swap pulley when you have the proper mods to run smaller pulleys. If not available, please contact us so we can adjust the pulley size specifically for your car.

3800 stage 2

How to begin mods to your car, click HERE. I think the stage 1 package is a good buy. I would recommend clearing out the better part of your day for the PCM install part of it. For my car it took about 5 tries before the car and the PCM would communicate.

Another tip would be to do the air box mod so you can hear some fun supercharger noises. Definitely a fun and easy install overall.

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The improvement was noticable and the exhaust boosted my MPG on the highway. Love the improvements and plan to get more upgrades in the near future!

3800 Performance Packages

Felt a big difference in power and torque. Easy to install. Great customer service and support. Would recommend zzp. Close menu.

Main menu. Open Go Back.

Pixel 4 mods

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